Terms and conditions of use

1. The prices are stated in Euro excl. value-added tax (VAT).

2. The goods are our property until the payment is completed and during production time.

3. Delivery term is immediate or 1-6 weeks. It depends on order amount and on specification of goods.

4. Delivery conditions EXW Kaunas (Lithuania)

5. The way of payment is layed down by the seller. Customers can choose the method of payment: cash on delivery, direct debit or advance payent. Delivery will be made only on the conditions payment in advance cash on delivery. Customers pay all bank charges.

6. Invoices could be paid:

- standart prices within 14 days netto less 2% discount

-standart prices within 30 days netto.

-for payment cash on delivery, direct debit or payment in advance less 3% discount.

-other payment conditions are available

Product returns

In order to return the product to us, you need to inform us by the means of transport specified in the contacts section. In the event that the reason for returning the product is of poor quality, we undertake to replace the product of the wrong quality with a product of the right quality or to return the money paid for the product at our own expense.

Goods of unsuitable quality are replaced or returned in accordance with Government Resolution No. 697 approved Retail Rules.

Return of goods of appropriate quality is possible only by Government Resolution no. 697 in accordance with the approved Retail Rules. In this case, the cost of returning the goods is paid by you.

The following conditions must be met when returning the goods:

The returned product must be in the original neat packaging;

The Product must be undamaged by the Buyer;

The product must not have lost its commercial appearance (intact labels, unripped protective film, etc.) (this item does not apply in case of return of defective product);

The returned goods must be in the same configuration as received by the Buyer.