About ALETA naturalis

The company "ALETA natural lifestyle" was founded in 1991. The basis of the company's philosophy since its inception has been the production of quality linen products. Close cooperation with plenty of Lithuanian manufacturers allowed the company to create many collections from natural products. These are textile products for the kitchen, bathroom, home and - also clothing collections for lovers of natural fibers. "ALETA naturalis" UAB took over the company's activities in 2013. Today, the company's work is organized by 7 highly qualified employees. The widened circle of buyers all over the world shows the high quality of the products and the recognition of the company's natural products. Our company also provides services to customers - develops a product - creates a product according to a drawing or photo, makes production patterns, sews the first sample, a collection of samples, sews or organizes sewing. We also organize the production of paper, printed textile, woven and embroidered labels according to the customer's needs. We help customers realize their creative ideas.

About linen

Products made from linen fabric are an indicator of quality life. Linen is valued for its particularly strong water absorption properties. When a drop of water falls on linen fabric, it immediately turns into a dark spot when the drop of water rolls over the surface of other types of fabric. This feature allows you not to bathe in your own sweat when wearing linen clothes or sleeping in linen bedding. In folk traditions, special esoteric properties are also attributed to flax - flax protects against bad energy, heals, and repels impurity. For that reason, children, the sick were dressed in linen shirts, and Catholic priests wore linen shirts under the cassock. Either way, linen refreshing, blown through clothes on a hot summer day are a real godsend.

Care and finishing

The products are recommended to be washed at a temperature of 40С with detergents intended for colored fabrics. Linen softens after each wash. It is advised not to use bleach. Linen shrinks up to 5% after the first wash. The products we sell with the finishing "Pre-washed" do not shrink anymore after washing. If the product appears to have shrunk after washing, it will return to its original size after ironing or dressing. The finishing types KXY, MXY, XY, XMA, XMY, XMZ indicated in the fabric finishing refer to different methods of fabric final processing, deposition - chemical or mechanical - depending on the production process of the weaving company. The shrinkage of the tissues is not fundamentally different.


In Clothing and Home Textiles, by clicking the "CUSTOMIZE" button, you can enter your desired product measurements. For home textiles, please indicate the measurements of the ordered product, which should be obtained after washing. We will add a percentage for shrinkage and - if necessary for bedding - looseness. In the clothes, indicate the exact measurements of your body, obtained by measuring with a centimeter tape, and the desired length of the product. We will add slack based on that product and a percentage for shrinkage. Also, please indicate the size you usually wear according to global standards. In the service "CUSTOMIZE" you can also check the price of your desired product for a wholesale order. If you plan to order a larger quantity of products - contact us - we will send you special offer.

How to measure

Please indicate which measurements you use - centimeters or inches.It is a good idea to ask someone for help.

Shoulders Measure across the back from one shoulder to the other.

Chest Measure above the chest

Bust When wearing a regular bra (for women) measure the widest part

Waist Measure the narrowest part of the torso

Hips Measure the widest part of the hips (approx. 20cm below the waistline)

Arm length Measure the length from shoulder to wrist

Upper armMeasure the thickest part of the arm (biceps)

Inseam Measure inside leg length - from crotch to ankle

Outseam Measure from torso to ankle

Thigh Measure at the thickest part of the thigh

Length of dress or blouse Measure from the highest point of the shoulder (where the shoulder ends and the neck begins) to the point of your desired length

Group Buying Projects

Here we aim to invite our buyers into a group order in order to obtain low production costs when producing large quantities of goods. We plan to include woven products, fabrics, home textiles, as well as clothing in the Group Buying projects. You can offer your ideas for these projects. If you have any questions or ideas please contact us.

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